Hi all,

A couple of quick updates.

First Update is regarding the Arts Council Funding application to say that – under advice- I have changed tack and begun the process again: this time applying for the Developing your Creative Practice grant rather than the ‘Communities’ grant.

Having spoken with others who have applied for the ‘community’ grants and been unsuccessful over the years in all of their applications (to date) it does seem that the Developing your Creative Practice grant is more accessible to me as the ‘creative’ and also offers the greater chance of meeting the criteria for funding.

Second update – for those of you who have expressed an interest in voice recordings my poems in readiness for them to be made into film poems this year, I will post the date and time for this to happen tomorrow on the LM FB page – s I need to clarify when I am teaching that week but its looking like Tuesday will be the day we do the recordings.

Okay, all the best luvvies!