Arts Council application

Hi all,

Hope you are all keeping well? Just a quick update on our Arts Council application to say that Bob (who always prefers to be spoken of in the third person) is now finally getting to grips with putting it together. As you will know the plan is to apply for a grant to cover the purchase a portable set so that our comedy farce ‘Tied to the Vicarage’ can reach communities where no other touring show has gone before- or at least, those who stayed within the boundaries of London and the home counties. More to come but its now taking shape! More in next post!


ps those struggling to read back to front, the sheet says ‘How to make the case.’

Similar…but different

Hi there,

Hope you have all had a good Summer? I have been busy doing lots and now quite content to be on a bit of a rest.

Those of you who read my last FB post will know that I am providing unique access this month (on a FYEO basis) to my screenplay of Tied to the Vicarage that I penned a few years ago.  As promised, please find the next instalment of Tied to the Vicarage screenplay by clicking here. Those of you who missed the first 9 pages can find it in the previous FB group post.

(NB please note that page numbers from here on are a bit higgledy piggledy as I had to convert it from Celtx software – enjoy!)


One of the best write ups we had for Tied to the Vicarage came from a Numb Bum reviewer. Given there was so much detail in the review, it was hard to know if they came more than one night such was the insight – truly thorough and much appreciated!

Oooh-er Vicar!

Hard to believe but it was six months ago today that our first lot of business cards arrived, ready to hand out to friends and family in advance of the Tied to the Vicarage production. Still, time rests for no one and half a year on, the dates for our latest production will be announced tomorrow! Exciting!   

The blurb

Hi all,

Speaking with Simon at the Tabard yesterday, he was reflecting on what a great show Tied to the Vicarage had been and asked if we might ever put it on again. I explained that I’m currently writing a different comedy farce but if any of you are feeling a call to directing and production (or know someone who might like to do it), then point them my way and we’ll talk shop, Leo

ps can’t believe it was 5 months ago that TTTV opened – seems like only yesterday (ooh, hang on, I feel like a Carpenter song is coming on)

The work of artist Maxime Lebrun

Time to test your powers of observation. How many differences can you spot between the two flyers designed for Tied to the Vicarage by artist Maxime Lebrun? The first is for the original run of Tied to the Vicarage. The second for its extended run? I counted six but possibly more?(Answers on a postcard to