Ultimate Cosplay update

Hi all – for those of you who remember a rather wet and windy morning perched on top of a block of flats in Tower Hamlets, this is to say that our short film is not forgotten and will be sought out/chased up in next few days as the person charged with updating the edits has disappeared with the rushes . Til then….

‘The Lost World of Malcolm Ridge’ – Thomas William Cove

Okay, it’s three days after the last performance of dystopian drama ‘The Lost World of Malcolm Ridge’ and its time to introduce the cast member who saved the show! Yes, I am referring to Tom Cove who stepped into the role of Simeon at short notice when the original actor became injured. I think all of us are still reeling at Tom’s amazing feat of being off-book within 24 hours of being asked. Tom – you are a legend!!!

Tied to the Vicarage – Coming soon!

Hi all,

Tickets will shortly be available through the Tabard’s website by clicking here or phoning enquiries on 0208 995 6035
or email: info@tabardtheatre.co.uk

Meanwhile…something to whet your appetite: Tabard Theatre presents the UK Premiere of Leo Michael’s risqué comedy farce…

Tied to the Vicarage

Weds 9th Jan – 19th Jan 2019

When vicar and wife team James and Karen leave sister-in-law Julia in charge of their vicarage, they are unaware that Julia’s change of career has resulted in her operating as a dominatrix out of the premises for the last two years. Learning that James and Karen are not in their vicarage, the Bishop encourages them to return. James phones Julia who agrees to leave. Julia phones around her clients but two of them do not receive the message. She also misses a voicemail about a back order of adult equipment that is due to arrive the same day as a rearranged clergy meeting at the vicarage. Add to this an obsessed female parishioner in pursuit of a painfully shy male and the perfect storm ensues as vicar and wife attempt to keep Bishop and clergy separate from their uninvited guests.

Age: 16+      Contains adult themes.

Evening performances:

Wed 9th Jan – Sat 12th  (7.30 – 9.15pm)                                                    Tues 15th Jan – Sat 19th (7.30 –9.15pm)

There will also be one additional matinee  on Sat 19th @ 4.00 pm)

NB. There will be a short interval break between the acts.

Look forward to seeing you there!