Hi all, Almost slipped me by but a year ago today, the cast of The Lost World of Malcolm Ridge were taking their places ready for the off. It was only a one week run but fantastic performances from all: Miranda, Michael, Tom, Stewart, Nesba and Amelie (albeit hidden til the end). I think the […]

…and last – but most definitely not least – the person who pulled it all together for us. I am referring to our tech Kyle Jarrett who designed and facilitated the intricately timed lighting changes for our dark dystopian drama ‘The Lost World of Malcolm Ridge. Fantastic Kyle- thank you so much and looking forward […]

This week we dedicate the post to our unsung hero of ‘The Lost World of Malcolm Ridge’ – the talented Amelie Edwards who was described by the Numb Bum reviewer as ‘excellent as the stern and calming voice of the Judge, adding a sense of authority, (interacting) with the characters from her position off stage […]

Okay, it’s three days after the last performance of dystopian drama ‘The Lost World of Malcolm Ridge’ and its time to introduce the cast member who saved the show! Yes, I am referring to Tom Cove who stepped into the role of Simeon at short notice when the original actor became injured. I think all […]

Hi All, Big news is that the audition process is now complete and I am happy to announce the cast for ‘The Lost World of Malcolm Ridge’ who will start rehearsals this time next week in readiness for a one week run at the Tabard Theatre (July 15th-20th). These being: Miranda Shrapnell – Abigail Stewart Briggs […]