Oooh-er Vicar!

Hard to believe but it was six months ago today that our first lot of business cards arrived, ready to hand out to friends and family in advance of the Tied to the Vicarage production. Still, time rests for no one and half a year on, the dates for our latest production will be announced tomorrow! Exciting!   

The blurb

Hi all,

Speaking with Simon at the Tabard yesterday, he was reflecting on what a great show Tied to the Vicarage had been and asked if we might ever put it on again. I explained that I’m currently writing a different comedy farce but if any of you are feeling a call to directing and production (or know someone who might like to do it), then point them my way and we’ll talk shop, Leo

ps can’t believe it was 5 months ago that TTTV opened – seems like only yesterday (ooh, hang on, I feel like a Carpenter song is coming on)