(above photo taken during filming of ‘Ultimate Cosplay’ back in July 2019)

Dear actors,

Two years ago, before the start of the pandemic, you may remember coming to my house to do the audio recordings of some of my poems with the intention of making them into short films.

Anyway – one pandemic later (sadly still ongoing) –  this is to inform you that having done a weekend course on using premier pro (film editing software) a fortnight ago, I am hoping to film all of you with or without others with a view to editing and making the short films over the next six months. I don’t envisage it being long or arduous but there will be expense that will hopefully cover your time and effort. More soon!

Hi all,

Almost slipped me by but a year ago today, the cast of The Lost World of Malcolm Ridge were taking their places ready for the off. It was only a one week run but fantastic performances from all: Miranda, Michael, Tom, Stewart, Nesba and Amelie (albeit hidden til the end).

I think the way that theatre and its audiences is being affected by Covid is very testing for all of us as actors, writers, directors and producers – that said, sometimes we have to look back to what has been achieved in the past and what resides in our heart as entertainers etc to have the heart and enthusiasm to go again in the future. Happy anniversary all!


Hi all,

Hope you are all keeping well? I think the pandemic has been a huge shock for everyone, none more so then those of you in the creative arts and particularly those whose payments fall into the category of being self-employed. So, very glad that Government did the right thing as its all too easy for them to get tied up in knots and payments get lost in the process.

As a few of you may know, I was due to rehearse and direct a friend’s play in a few months time but he learnt yesterday that his Arts Council grant and everyone elses (including mine) are now being placed on hold as they redirect money to help fund theatres, staff, workshops etc. Which makes perfect sense under the circumstances.That said, I do think that when we come out of this period of self-isolation, people will definitely want to be entertained and  – if I was to hazard a guess – I think comedy farce will be the order of the day….so those of you who are writers, be ready.

With this in mind, I would like to extend to the first five of you who are interested in writing a farce (and have been part of a Leo Michael production), the opportunity of me mentoring you in this endeavour – by that I mean my (free) services to chat with you, read your work, feedback and advise. So any of you are interested drop me an email or text and we’ll take it from there.

Lastly, as some of you will know my radio pilot of Tied to the Vicarage is nearing completion. Thank you to Miranda and others who have offered to read through it. I hope to have it with you in the next hour or so. Blessings, Bob

Hi all,

A couple of quick updates.

First Update is regarding the Arts Council Funding application to say that – under advice- I have changed tack and begun the process again: this time applying for the Developing your Creative Practice grant rather than the ‘Communities’ grant.

Having spoken with others who have applied for the ‘community’ grants and been unsuccessful over the years in all of their applications (to date) it does seem that the Developing your Creative Practice grant is more accessible to me as the ‘creative’ and also offers the greater chance of meeting the criteria for funding.

Second update – for those of you who have expressed an interest in voice recordings my poems in readiness for them to be made into film poems this year, I will post the date and time for this to happen tomorrow on the LM FB page – s I need to clarify when I am teaching that week but its looking like Tuesday will be the day we do the recordings.

Okay, all the best luvvies!