Actors versus population?

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Catching up on my emails I came across this piece of research by writer and producer Stephen Follows on how actors compare to the general population. Partly inspired by Elizabeth Hurley who once described non-famous people as “civilians,” the research considers the two different sets of life experiences.  Although not cruel, or fame-focused, Stephen’s research does look at how UK actors compare to the general population of non-actors. Well worth a read. Find it by clicking picture above or here

Similar…but different

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Hope you have all had a good Summer? I have been busy doing lots and now quite content to be on a bit of a rest.

Those of you who read my last FB post will know that I am providing unique access this month (on a FYEO basis) to my screenplay of Tied to the Vicarage that I penned a few years ago.  As promised, please find the next instalment of Tied to the Vicarage screenplay by clicking here. Those of you who missed the first 9 pages can find it in the previous FB group post.

(NB please note that page numbers from here on are a bit higgledy piggledy as I had to convert it from Celtx software – enjoy!)

‘The Lost World of Malcolm Ridge’ – Thomas William Cove

Okay, it’s three days after the last performance of dystopian drama ‘The Lost World of Malcolm Ridge’ and its time to introduce the cast member who saved the show! Yes, I am referring to Tom Cove who stepped into the role of Simeon at short notice when the original actor became injured. I think all of us are still reeling at Tom’s amazing feat of being off-book within 24 hours of being asked. Tom – you are a legend!!!